Palace - Maintenance Plus November 2022 Release
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Embedding in Palace

We are delighted to launch Maintenance Plus with Palace.

No more browser tabs and extra user names and passwords, everything sits within Palace - it is truly maintenance simplified.

This is the most advanced maintenance solution ever built and we are looking forward to welcoming all Palace customers onto the solution.

If you want to know more or have a one on one demo, please reach out to Nick at Palace or Tracey at Bricks and Agent.

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Redesign and simplification of the tenant job posting flow

Making it simpler and easier for tenants to send job requests, we have redesigned the user interface as well as simplified the number of steps required to send work requests to you and your team.

Agency Trades and Marketplace Trades

You can now find agency-registered trades as “Your Trades”, and other registered (Approved trades) trades as “Marketplace Trades” easily in different lists when you want to invite trade(s) for work orders or quote requests.

View the recurring child Job details

When you navigate to a recurring job, you can view the recurring job details section in the overview screen.

Invoice amount on the notify owner email

Now, when you enable the ‘Notify Owner’ option while approving an invoice, the invoice amount will be shared with the existing email sent to the Owner(s).

Stop the recurrence of deactivated properties

When a property is deactivated or archived, creating recurring child jobs will be stopped with the new implementation.

Quickly download the Jobs Summary Reports

You can now quickly download the Jobs Summary Reports for Open Jobs and Open Work Orders related to PMs and Trades.

Send only the attachments to the Owner

This release now allows you to send job-related attachments to the Owner when approving an invoice.

Advanced Search results in bulk

When you search for jobs by using Advanced Search, set the value in the “Show Results” dropdown list to view the bulk of searched results.

Job Posted Date & Time in in 'Jobs Summary' table

You can now view the job posting date and time for each job and job summary tables for global search and advanced search functions.

Notify the Owner when approving an invoice via mobile

This release now allows you to notify Owners when you choose to approve an invoice via your mobile device.

B+A Owner App

Experience the newly implemented Owner app on android or iOS mobile. This allows the property owners to log in to the owners' dashboard and use the functionalities separately through this app.

Quote amount visibility

B+A App has added a feature where you can view the quoted amount in the Approve Invoice screen of a quoted job.

Exposed list view

You can now view the “Change Payer”, “Tenant list”, “Property access list”, and “Recurrence List” in exposed lists instead of as dropdown lists.

Stop notifications feature for the re-award process

You now have the option to stop sending notifications to the related parties when you “Re-Award” a quote request as a work order.

Work Order PDF attached Emails for External Providers

Work order emails to the external providers now have attachments and images in the emails sent.

Email Templates

Email templates related to Pending Invoice Email to Trade, Owner Email Template (Work Order), Owner Email Template (Quote), Owner Email Template (Strata), and Owner Email Template (Invoice Review) are now updated with more information.

Advanced Search/ Global Search filter improvements

Now, when you search via Advanced Search/ Global Search for a job in the ‘Quotes Pending’, ‘Quotes available’ ‘Pending Owner Approval’, ‘Owner Rejected’, or ‘Owner Approved’ job statuses the invited Trades will be displayed in a tooltip.

The Owner rejected the note on the Overview

With the improvements when an Owner has Rejected a Job, the ‘Job Rejected Comment’ along with the Rejected tag will be displayed in the ‘Overview' and 'Details’ tabs of the posted Job.

Invoice reference number format

With the latest improvements, now the system will scan the reference number from the uploaded invoice document and will appear as “B+A Job ID Number - The scanned trades invoice reference number”.

Role Removal when unassigned from the agency

Now when a Tenant/ Owner/ Property Manager is getting unassigned from an agency, the user role records will be removed from the given agency.

Activity timeline improvement with edit actions

The activity timeline is enhanced to stamp the job edit actions in the activity timeline with the previous action and the edited action.

“Variation requested by SP” improvement

Now you can view only the “Variation requested by trade” jobs in the “Variation Requested” category under the “Jobs need to be approved” status.

Quote request ‘Ask Owner Approval’ button action

The ‘Ask Owner Approval’ button in the 5th step of the Quote request Job posting flow, was removed.

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